Accounting service

Accounting services include:

  • Preparation of the ledgerPreparation of invoices of the monthly consumption of utilities and other mandatory payments and providing the apartment owners with the invoices through the modern programs.
  • Easily legible invoices and reports
  • Sending the invoices to multiple e-mails
  • Sending the e-invoices to the bank
  • Calculation of the wages and timely submitting it to the Tax and Customs Board
  • Preparation of annual report
  • Performing the incoming through the oversight
  • Delivering of lease and / or rent invoices to the lessee / tenant according to the lease and / or rental agreements
  • Entering the payment of invoices, calculation of the prepayments, debts, penalties
  • Transactions are recorded on the ongoing basis, so reporting is available immediately
  • Apartment owners, board members and others have the access to the Internet to check invoices, balances and other documents

Specification of the services is not the final and it may be developed according to the customer’s wishes. For more details, please visit the PRICE INQUIRY page.