Kinnisvara haldusteenus

Management service

A manager is the first contact between the owner and the contractor. The manager mainly deals with the problems of the owners. Essentially, the management service means the operational management and administration of the object.

Management services include:

  • Taking meter readings of the real estate property and their transmission to the utilities’ sellers
  • Collection of readings from the apartment owners
  • Preparing of possession and maintenance contracts, usage contracts, preparing powers of attorney, and as well as monitoring
  • Organization of property insurance for the property object
  • Maintenance, systemization and archiving of the documentation of the property object
  • Preparation of the monthly summary reports (incoming payments, debts data, repair and maintenance works that have been performed)
  • Communication with debtors
  • Preparation of the economic plan in concert with the customer
  • Preparation and conduction of general meetings
  • Preparation and conduction of the meetings of Members of the Board
  • Preparation of protocols of the meetings
  • Informing members of the cooperative about the decisions, deadlines, work, etc.
  • Preparation and hoisting of energy, water, gas, heating, etc. bulletins

Specification of the services is not the final and it may be developed according to the customer’s wishes. For more details, please visit the PRICE INQUIRY page.